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Just in time for the election, QPID hosted representatives from each party to tell us about their stance on the issues we want to know about most: Student debt, Indigenous Reconciliation, Healthcare, Foreign Aid, and Climate Change. The Representatives included: Bruce Baker (Queen’s Liberal Association, representing the Liberal Party), Alex Cherry (Queen’s PPC, representing the People’s Party of Canada), Maggie Williams (Queen’s Greens, representing the Green Party), Aidan Scott (Queen’s University Conservative Association, representing the Conservative Party), Alicia Eglin (Queen’s New Democrats, representing the New Democratic Party). Each representative shared some insight into their party’s view on each discussion point. Keep reading for a summary of each representative’s points and remember to keep learning about each party’s platform and VOTE on October 21st!



SD: student debt; IR: Indigenous reconciliation; H: healthcare; FA: Foreign Aid; CC: Climate Change


The Green Party

  • STD: Has a plan to cancel all existing student debt while also making tuition free.
  • IR: Wants to support Indigenous efforts to change the power system and wants more train and phone lines to increase access communication.
  • H: Wants to take money from fossil fuel industry and put them towards healthcare.
  • F: Wants to commit to sending foreign aid, with climate change there will be more extreme weather events and other regions will need support.
  • CC: This is their most fundamental part of the platform and the forefront of everyone’s mind. The Green Party has the most robust climate change action. They plan to cut carbon emissions by 60% in 2030, have net 0 emissions by 2050, and fully transition into a green economy. Look up mission possible online for more info on the Green Party climate plan.


Liberal Party of Canada

  • SD: The Liberals plan to increase amount of funding to provide interest free loans by the end of their second term.
  • IR: The Liberals promise to lift every boil water advisory and plan to complete indigenous school boards to return the control into the hands of Indigenous communities.
  • H: Agrees with the NDP and Pharmacare (would like to create a Pharmacare plan) and does not see the deficit as a bad thing; currently proud of standing economically.
  • F: Not a key focus, do not want to fix what isn’t broken.
  • CC: Wants to make changes that are affordable, have a plan to plant 2 billion trees over 10 years to help fight climate change.


People’s Party of Canada

  • SD: Believes in free market economies and wants to give zero federal tax to those who make $15,000 or less per year.
  • IR: Want equalization between provinces, interprovince trade, and to treat everyone as Canadians. They do not discriminate and think Indian Act needs reviewing.
  • H: Agrees with Conservative Party (no additional funding available for health subsidies).
  • F: Wants to cut funding to the UN and wants to put Canadians first. The PPC think there should not be so many struggling Canadians.


Conservative Party of Canada

  • SD: Will not make tuition free.
  • IR: Plans to extend telecom infrastructure but does not have a platform on Indigenous rights.
  • H: The Conservative party thinks that Canada cannot afford to put more money into health subsidies.
  • F: No agenda for foreign aid as Canada cannot afford to send money abroad for aid due to too much debt.
  • CC: Sees banning nuclear energy as a big mistake but did not mention their own agenda.


New Democratic Party

  • SD: Plans to reduce tuition through public financing.
  • IR: Plans to expand public transport in rural areas and wants to use renewable energy.
  • H: Save money in areas that are not necessary and has a plan for Pharmacare.
  • F: Wants to give 0.07% of GDP to foreign aid and wants to introduce more peacekeeping missions.
  • CC: The NDP sees climate change as a crisis and will declare a climate emergency, invest $15 billion, create jobs, and create a zero-emission vehicle fleet by 2030.


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